History & Fire

The Alameusians believed in a dualistic universe ruled by the two elements of Fire and Sound. While Fire embodies the ever changing nature of visible matter, Sound represents the eternal essence of all things invisible.

In the Alameusians’ unique cosmology, the universe is composed of infinite miniscule entities of energy: Fire represents visible energy, and Sound represents invisible energy. The Alameusians developed a complex dictionary of symbols embodying different expressions of those invisible and innumerable energy particles, which they represented as small amulets of abstract shapes which resemble three-dimensional hieroglyphs or modern toys.

The excavations at Alameus have uncovered hundreds of such amulets, together with several large bowl-shaped altars, decorated with amulets and fire silhouettes. These altars were used as braziers where ritual flames were kept alive, and incense, herbs and offerings were burned. Some of them are decorated with miniature bowls for small offerings of food, seeds and flowers.

Why and how the Alameusians glazed all their ceramics in cobalt blue is yet to be fully understood by archeologists and historians alike. Some believe that blue represents pure energy, others that it represents invisible energy, or all those manifestations of energy that escape perception and human understanding.

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